Abbeyfield Consultancy Limited - Software Asset Management

SAM - Business Case

When looking at the business case for SAM, please ensure you evaluate and include the following:

The largest driving force for implementing SAM is to save cost mitigate risk and increase your return on investment.

We will help you identify
  • Hard Savings:
    • Expense elimination
    • Headcount reductions
    • Eliminating maintenance or consulting fees
    • Reduction in shipping costs
    • Reduction in 'per transaction costs'
    • Stop paying for assets not used
  • Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost and Risk Avoidance:
    • No audits
    • Compliance achieved
    • End-of-life asset management
  • Soft Savings:
    • Cost reductions and efficiencies
    • Reduced cycle time for procurement
    • Faster problem identification and resolution
    • Automation of inventory
We will help you build a project action plan to include:
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Define practical implementation steps for each specific goal
  • Document the plan of action for each specific goal:
    • Start with the current state
    • Work toward the end state
  • Define the areas to track and report on:
    • Develop key performance indicators (KPI's)
    • Do not sacrifice company for individual goals
    • Be wary not to compensate 'deviant behaviour'
  • List all costs and resources required
  • Map project out against timelines
  • Devise a way to report on deviations from planned targets

Understand the value of SAM to the business

Who bears the costs? Who receive's the benefits?
  • Benefits to IT
    • Improved infrastructure performance
    • Better service provisioning
    • IT viewed as a business enabler
    • Improved employee morale
  • Benefits to the Business
    • Better use of IT assets
    • Better cost control
    • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements
    • Increased productivity
    • Preservation of brand
    • Increased customer service

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