Abbeyfield Consultancy Limited - Software Asset Management

Microsoft SAM Programme

Thank you for taking the time to consider Abbeyfield Consultancy Ltd (ACL) Software Asset Management (SAM) Services; you are taking the first step to saving money and reducing risk. We can help you gain control of your software, one of your most valuable assets. Robust SAM policies create many benefits for your organisation. Completing the Microsoft SAM Programme through ACL will earn you a certificate stating that Microsoft should not need to review you for 12 months. In addition, you will also receive an invite to attend a free one day training course to help you build your SAM process.

Is the SAM Programme an audit?

No, it is not an audit, it is a review. An audit is normally undertaken by a legally appointed independent assessor, such as, an accountant, who carries out an audit of your accounts, assets and then produces a report.

During our review we will help you to gather and collate all the relevant data, as well as helping you to understand licensing rules, interpret the data and provide resource to help identify all your previously purchased Microsoft licenses.

Within the Microsoft records, there may appear to be an imbalance. This is NOT a discrepancy; it is an imbalance that Microsoft would like to resolve. By completing the review we may uncover other evidence of licenses purchased, that is, OEM, FPP, etc. that will allow us to cross reference and square off any imbalance with Microsoft.

To benefit from a complimentary SAM session, please contact and one of our SAM consultants will contact you within 24 hours.