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Microsoft True-Up Reporting

A Enterprise contract normally last 3 years and you as the customer must provide their Enterprise Software Advisor with true-up report within 15 days of their contract anniversary date in years 1-2, and within 30 days following the contract expiration in year 3; this applies to both enterprise and additional products

If there are no net new desktops, you can simply report zero usage to your Enterprise Software Advisor

Are you fully aware that:

  • The True-Up process is a census of all the qualified desktops, users, and additional product added to your organization over the course of the year. Customers are obligated to report any net new qualified desktops or installs over the course of the prior contract year.
  • One-time payment, not annualized
  • True up pricing includes license (L) and prorated Software Assurance (SA)
  • Year 1: L + 2.5 years SA
  • Year 2: L + 1.5 years SA
  • Year 3: L + .5 year SA
  • True-up order can be submitted any time/multiple times to Microsoft Licensing, Inc. (MSLI) throughout year
  • All true-up rates are determined at either contract signing, for initial enterprise commitment, or at time of order, for incremental product orders
  • All true-up orders are then eligible for SA renewal pricing at conclusion of enrollment term
  • Customers may add any non-enterprise product to the EA at initial signing or at any time during the EA enrollment term

Please contact one of our team prior to anniversary date, so we can help you:

  • Plan and implement the best practice true up process normally around 90 prior to contract anniversary date.
  • Understand what a qualified desktop is and report the correct Qty
  • Making sure you have the correct country of usage

To find out more about how we can help your business, please contact us.